Ivan Montoya : Director Stylist

I’m Ivan one of the owners of Hair Focus UK and I have been in the hairdressing industry for around 26 Years.
During this time I have had the opportunity to manage salons and photographic studios of great prestige in London, this has given me the opportunity to share with countless clients and colleagues which has made me fall in love even more with this industry.

My talent is a gift from the universe therefore I do not feel that it is work. It is a pleasure to treat each guest as a unique and personal project. Being a hairdresser has been the best gift of life!

That’s why I always have a motto, BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE CHANGE! Which I use as a philosophy to encourage my team to be the best hairdressers that they can be. 

I know that is very important and I always give them the same opportunities, so everyone can discover and enjoy what they do.
Our international team, is extremely passionate and dedicated to our mission of care. They will provide you with suggestions and solutions that will make your hair look beautiful and healthy. We will happily take care of your hair and you during your visit to make sure that you feel great in HAIR FOCUS UK
!! I am totally convinced that a fantastic haircut and perfect colour is the result of a good consultation, that is complemented with quality Products !! 
I give thanks to all the people that have been with me during the Hair Focus UK Project which is now celebrating its 12th anniversary.
Thank you